Appraisal services with a government institution

Appraiser Gus Agosto has just rendered appraisal services to the University of the Philippines, Cebu Campus. “It is an honor to be awarded a contract and appraised properties of a prestigious institution like U.P.”, Appraiser Gus Agosto shared.

“Government institutions and agencies are good market for real estate appraisers. Appraisers can explore and participate in government bidding and contracts.” he further said.  Last year, he was also part of an appraisal team that provided appraisal services to the Cebu Appraisal Technical Committee on Zonal Valuation of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

To succeed, Appraisers should have working knowledge of the Republic Act 9184 or the Government Procurement Act. Every branch or agency of the government through the head of a procurement entity forms a bids and awards committee (BAC) to conduct competitive and transparent purchases by means of public bidding. There are also alternative ways government can make purchases like limited source bidding, direct contracting, negotiated procurement and shopping,

“In winning a government contract, offering the lowest price is not the key. It is knowledge, appraisal experience and excellence in appraisal that matters,” Appraiser Gus ended.


New Cebu South Board Officers Take Oath of Office

In a ceremony that was both solemn and celebratory,the new officers of Cebu South Real Estate Board (CESOREB) took their oath of office vowing to hold inviolate the high ethics of the profession. The New Officers were sworn in by Reynaldo Lim, President of Philippine Association of Real Estate Brokers (PAREB).

The National Directorate of PAREB, officers of other Visayas Local Boards and fellow real estate brokers congratulated the new officers. “The event is a significant one, it signals the birth of new officers that are willing to serve their members and practitioners in general.” Gus Agosto, the New President of Cebu South Board, said.

In his remark, National President Rey Lim, shared the programs of PAREB and the new opportunities for the members. Local board presidents of Iloilo, Mactan, Bohol and Cebu took turns in sharing their board plans and programs.

The Oath-taking Ceremony was held on March 6,2015 at St. Mark Hotel, Cebu City.